Teams will be made up of 4 people, 2 girls and 2 guys. Each Team will take on a series of workouts challenging both the team each individual. The winning team will be crowned The Suffolk Games Champions.

We’re excited to announce we have 60 teams entered in this year’s event and entry for additional teams is closed


22nd July 2017 | 0800 – 1600

Trinity Park Conference & Events Centre
Felixstowe Road



Before reading the weights and standards for the Suffolk Games Workouts, we would first like to thank you for supporting what will be our first Team and outdoor event. It is our goal to develop an inclusive fitness competition, challenging but not intimidating. Having the feel of a competitive event but with a variety of people taking part.

It is with this in mind that some movements and standards may differ slightly from the regular expectation of fitness events. While this is not done to make the workouts easier, it is done to ensure that as many participants as possible have the opportunity to complete the workouts and push themselves as hard as individually possible.

So sit back, relax and enjoy! …..


Fran with friends

  • 21-18-15-12-9-6-3
  • Worm Thrusters
  • Synchro Worm facing burpees
  • INDIVIDUAL: Tyre pull
  • This WOD is For Time

Teams will complete the rep scheme by doing synchronised Thrusters with the worm followed by synchronised Worm facing burpees. Once the reps are complete, 1 team member will complete the tyre pull.


Teams score = the time on the clock once all reps and distance of the tyre pull are complete.


The Worm weighs a total of 100kg divided into 2x30kg blocks and 2x20kg blocks

The blocks will start on the shoulder of each team member. Teams will then perform a squat, with hips passing below the knee before fully extending and passing the block over their heads placing it on the other shoulder. This will count as 1 rep. Each team member must have the block in contact with the shoulder before descending into the next rep.

The burpees must be synchronised at the bottom of each rep. Each team member must have their chest and quads flat on the floor at the same time, facing their block on the worm. Team mates may ascend from the burpee out of sync and can either JUMP or STEP over their block. Before the next rep can be performed, all team members must again have their chest and quads flat on the floor at the same time.

INDIVIDUAL: The weight for the tyre pull is 50kg with a rope attached. The individual team member must perform 2 lengths (50m) tyre pull. The FEET must stay planted while pulling the rope. The length is complete once the entire tyre passes the line at the end of the lane.

This Workout will be scored for TIME. Once the tyre pull is complete, this will be the Teams score.



Strength in depth

  • 3  Rounds for time
  • 30 D-ball ground to Over shoulder ( there will be 1 male & 1 female weight )
  • Keg carry (1 male & 1 female weight. Each keg must be carried 4 lengths)
  • 1 length tyre flip ( There will be 1 male & 1 female tyre )
  • INDIVIDUAL : 30 Tyre Deadlifts


Teams score = the time on the clock once all reps and distance of the tyre pull are complete.


Teams will compete 30 D-ball Ground to OH shoulder between them. The weights of the D-ball will be 50kg ( Male ) and 30kg ( Female ). Only one Team member may lift at a time with teams alternating between male and female. The D-ball may be lifted once it is static on the floor with a rep counting once it has clearly passed over the shoulder and landed on the floor.

The Kegs will weigh 50kg ( male ) and 30kg (female ). Both male and female team members must complete 4 lengths Keg carry between them with their designated weight. Team members may use any method of carries to transport the Keg.

The keg must be placed on the floor before the next team member can start their carry. It cannot be passed over.

Tyres will weigh 120kg ( male ) and 80kg ( female ). Tyres must be flipped by 1 team member at a time with both male and female members flipping their individual tyres at the same time. Reps can be divided as teams see fit. Once both tyres have clearly crossed the line at the end of the lane, Teams will make their way back to the D-balls to begin the next round.

INDIVIDUAL : Males must lift 100kg tyre, females 70kg tyre. There will be rope handles attached to the tyre in order to lift. 1 rep will be counted when the individual has reached full hip and knee extension. Tyres must make full contact with the floor after each extension.



Beyond the Threshold

  • 12 minute AMRAP
  • 30 sec work : 30 sec rest
  • KB G2OH
  • Rowing ( calories )
  • Tyre drags
  • Assault Bike ( calories )
  • INDIVIDUAL : 60 seconds AMRAP shuttle sprints.


This WOD is for reps (calories on the Rowing machine & Assault bike will count as reps)

Each team member will have 30 seconds on each station to perform as many reps / calories as possible. After 30 seconds, team members will rotate to the next station. .

In total, Teams will perform 3 rounds of this circuit.

Once the 12 minute is up, 1 Team member will complete as many lengths of the lane as possible in 60 seconds.

The total amount of reps and calories accumulated will be the final score.


Kettlebell weight will be 20kg (male) and 12kg (female). The G2OH can be performed as a snatch or clean and press. The Kettlebell must make contact with the floor before each rep attempt. 1 rep will be scored when the Kettlebell is held with full shoulder and elbow extension above the athletes head. Athletes can use only one arm to attempt a rep but can switch on the descent or when the Kettlebell is on the floor.

Rowing machines will be set to level 6

Tyres weigh 20kg and will be dragged using truck straps. 1 rep will be called each time a team member drags the tyre over the designated line in the lanes. These will be marked for this workout at the halfway mark ( 12.5 metres )



Twin Engine

  • Team Relay
  • 75 synchro KB swings ( 1 male & 1 female )
  • 50m run ( 1 person )
  • 1 length Worm walking lunges (whole team)
  • 50m run
  • 80 Hay bale jump overs ( between whole team )
  • 50m run
  • 1 length Worm walking lunges ( whole team )
  • 50m run
  • 75 synchro KB swing
  • Team Relay
  • INDIVIDUAL : ROW 800 metres.


This workout is for time

Teams will begin with a relay, each member running 2 lengths of their lane

The 75 swings must be done with 1 male and 1 female. Reps can be divided in any way.

After the swings, 1 team member must complete a 50m run ( 2 lengths of lane )

Teams will then lunge the worm to the end of their lane.
1 team member completes a 50m run. It can be any member.

Teams must complete 80 Hay bale jump overs between them. Reps can be divided in any way.

Teams will work back through the workout, finishing with a Team relay.

Once the last team member completes their length, 1 individual competes an 800m Row.

Score = the time when the row is complete.


The Kettlebells will weigh 24kg ( male ) and 16kg ( female )

1 male & 1 female must swing together. Team members must have the KBs fully extended, above the head at the same time for a rep to be counted.

The 50m run must begin with both feet behind the line of the teams start zone. Both feet also cross the lim at the end of lane before turning and coming back.

Each team member must be holding a block of the worm in front of the body. Lunges do not have to be synchronised though advise they are for efficiency. Each team member must make contact with the floor with the back knee ( unless reasons stated beforehand )

The Hay Bale jump overs must be completed with one team member crossing at a time. Teams can organise themselves as they see beneficial both with the rep division and staggering.

Both hands may be used in order to assist over the top of the Hay bale. Team mates can not intervene or assist each other. 1 rep will be called once the athlete has passed clearly over the Hay bale and planted both feet on the floor on the other side. Hay bales will be approx 30 inches high.

INDIVIDUAL : The rowing machine will be set on level 6. The individual will complete the 800m row in as quick a time as possible. Teams score will be the time once the row is complete.